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High-Tech Help for High-Grade Herb: Elevate Your Cannabis Business with Cutting-Edge IT Services.

Focus on your cannabis business. We got IT.

It can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing cannabis industry, but Mercer Bucks Technology will make sure you never fall behind! Our innovative IT solutions are designed specifically for customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey so that your business stays ahead of trends. We’ll streamline operations from order tracking to inventory management – making sure everyone gets top notch service every step of the way. And our experienced pros know exactly how best to customize a solution tailored just for you so all your customers continue experiencing exceptional products and services. Partnering with us means success is only one click away!

Soar high with our IT solutions designed just for your cannabis business. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your green dreams.

We help grow IT.

Mercer Bucks Technology will give your cannabis business the leg-up it needs to make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

Secure and protect your cannabis business data against any potential losses with our cost-effective Backup and Recovery solutions. Safeguard the integrity, resources, and reputation of your enterprise by ensuring all crucial information is readily accessible when you need it the most. Mercer Bucks Technology is your dedicated partner in fortifying your cannabis endeavors with top-notch data protection.

Mercer Bucks Technology is your go-to for everything cloud when it comes to the cannabis industry. Our savvy engineers have tailored top of the line services that guarantee reliability, scalability and even cost optimization — all while staying within local regulations! With our expert solutions you’ll be able not only to spark up success but also protect yourself from cyber intrusions with maximum security protocols.

Procurement Services

Mercer Bucks Technology is your trusted partner for comprehensive equipment and software procurement services in the cannabis industry. Our adept professionals have meticulously curated a suite of top-tier offerings, ensuring unwavering reliability, seamless scalability, and optimal cost management—all while strictly adhering to local regulations. 


Mercer Bucks Technology is ready to light up the cannabis industry with our first-class IT services! Our efficient solutions and experienced team provide exceptional support that streamlines operations, boosts productivity and keeps data secure. Not only do we have years of experience in this sector–our tailored plans are designed specifically for your business’ needs so you can be sure that compliance regulations will always be met while costs stay low.

Mercer Bucks Technology knows that the safety of your data is paramount in a heavily-regulated industry like cannabis. That’s why we’ve handcrafted an arsenal of security services designed to protect you from malicious forces outside and within –  with our advanced firewalls, monitoring tools, encryption techniques and so much more.

Ready to let tech get your cannabis business blooming? Get the help of Mercer Bucks Technology IT consulting which specializes in holistic and innovative solutions for cannabis businesses! From secure cloud storage systems, custom data management software, automated processes, and more – our experienced team can provide support tailored to meet any kind of regulation.

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Why let us handle IT?

For Quality and Reliability

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For Clarity and Transparency

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For Professionalism

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Need an IT provider? You found IT.

In this fast-paced cannabis industry, having a knack for the business and running a tight operation is crucial but having top-notch tech support can make all the difference. With Mercer Bucks Technology as your partner, you get more than just IT solutions; you get a dedicated team committed to ensuring your operations are smooth and secure. We specialize in providing reliable IT-managed services that are essential for your business’s seamless operation, focusing on enhanced security, scalable solutions, and improved communication within your team. We’re not just here to fix IT issues; we’re here to empower your cannabis business with the technology insights and support it needs to prosper and manage day-to-day activities with maximum efficiency. Let us handle the tech, so you can focus on growing your cannabis business!